HERA® Band

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Mit EC-ÖL (Eukalyptus Citriodora Öl hydratisiert, zyklisiert) vom Lemonen Eukalyptus

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HERA® is the proven innovation Brand which develop products against unwanted insects. Highly efficient and modern design keeps the practical HERA ® Band and Roll On by scent barrier mosquitoes and other insects away. It´s a natural repellent. Positive effect of HERA®: Natural scent barrier against mosquitoes and insects Immediate Effect Anytime and anywhere Durable and reusable Resealablepackage Well-Beeing Simply attach the band to yourself or place it nearby. It can be worn on the wrist, ankle, belt, bag, or purse. It can also be affixed to a table leg, chair, bicycle, etc. or just placed on a bedside table to protect against mosquitoes and other insects at night. In the summer, HERA® is always ready to grab in the bag, in the glove compartment, in the golf or sports bag. In brief: HERA® can be used anytime and anywhere. The HERA Band emits a fresh natural scent which keeps mosquitoes and other insects away ?and it works for many hours. When not in use, place the band in the resealable, airtight package. This ensures that it can be used over and over again. PMDRBO is part of a naturally essential oil, which is extracted from the Lemon Eukalyptus. HERA®is suitable for: Adults, cyclists, campers, hikers, athletes, postmen, police officers, office workers, models, mayors, loggers, people in love, married couples? The band is suitable for the entire family. It is suitable practically for everyone except people with known allergies against cosmetics.

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